Instructions to Presenters

The room and time slot allocated for your presentation is mentioned in the technical program available on ISHS website and in the Registration kit. The duration of each technical presentation is 15 minutes, plus 3 minutes for discussion. Please arrive for your presentation at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled session start time.

Keynote Lectures are allotted 40 minutes – 35 minutes for presentation followed by 5 minutes for discussion.

Presenters are requested to use PowerPoint for their presentations. Please feel free to use the template of your institute or a sample template available on the website. Arial font of size 18pt or higher is recommended for better visibility. The projectors can display 16:9, 16:10 and 4:3 formats. Standard format 4:3, however, is recommended. Please upload the presentation as follows:

  1. Place all presentation materials in one single folder
  2. Pack the folder content to a zip file
  3. Name the *.zip file after the presenting author and paper number (e.g., and
  4. Upload the *.zip file to the drive ( prior to 20th October, 2022.

Please do not wait to upload your presentation immediately before your session begins, as there will not be sufficient time to check functionality of content such as videos, etc. If you wish to upload a polished version onsite, we will have a presentation upload station at the registration desk. You must upload any last-minute revised presentations no later than the day prior to your presentation so that we may transfer files to presentation laptops.

The presentation computers are built in with Windows 10 Pro OS and Office 2016 to enable presentations of standard PowerPoint files (PDF presentation is also possible). Presentation of video is supported with recommended video formats including MPG, WMV, AVI, MP4 files. Use of the PowerPoint “Package Presentation for CD” function is recommended as this will ensure that all linked or embedded fonts and files will be included with the presentation.